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It is March 21, 2012…  I’ve blogged for years, and I am now here at WordPress.  I’ll let you know what I think of WordPress and this site as time goes on…


1.  New Apple iPad – Do you need it?  Do you want it?  I’m passing, and I’ll let you know why…  The update to the iPad2 includes, really, 2 ‘improvements’ – Retina Display and increased CPU power.  I find my 14″ laptop uses 1280 X 720, and I find that just fine.  I feel that people now chase pixel density like people chase Megapixels…  What you get is ‘more’…  You might not need more.  If you want it, fine 🙂  But I haven’t found much need for so much density. Your mileage may vary…

I know Apple calls it “Revolutionary” on their site, but I find it a small upgrade.  I don’t like the news that some folks are having heat issues–I did not say everyone, so don’t flame…  If the iPad will turn itself off due to heat, I think there is an issue.  I don’t buy equipment that won’t play for hours–imagine if your desktop turned off due to ‘normal use.’

I understand why the heat is there–drive more LEDs to power the larger screen to higher brightness.  If I had one, I’d not turn the brightness up to 100%.  Anyone having these heat/shutdown issues?  What were you doing?  Where you inside or outside?  What was the ambient temperature?

2.  See this video.  I’ve stated for years that people should remove their emotions from their discussions/arguments.  Using emotions to make a point is like saying it is “wrong” because it is “wrong.”  Right…

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner, has written a book called Thinking, Fast and Slow.  Here it talks about Fast Thinking as being emotional and Slow Thinking as being more reasoned and logical.

I am not sure I agree… I think emotional arguments are emotional and logical arguments are logical–the speed of the ‘thinking’ is simply how fast you can do either…  Some people think fast and logical.  Some people are slow and still emotional.  The idea is to remove the emotion so that your discussion is reasoned.

I will say that I think you need to not immediately respond to something that makes you ‘mad’ as you likely are letting emotions run your … tirade.  I’d write something out, let it sit a day or two, and get back to it for a review when your mind is calmer and more rational.

You can find it on-line or at your local bookstore.  If you read it, let me know what you think…

3.  My theory…

Life is short.  You can’t control anyone else, but you can, and should, control yourself.  If a person calls you an idiot, why do you need to respond?  They may think 2 + 2 = 5?  Do you think that “crazy” guy on the corner who calls you an ‘idiot’ needs to be attacked for ‘insulting’ you?

I think how people react and what people say only says something about the actor or speaker and not anything about he person acted against or spoken about.  Think about that for a minute…


Opinions are like belly-buttons, and I have one too.  Hopefully, you can share these pages with me and let me know when you agree and disagree.  Hopefully, we can all realize what is ‘right’ for me may be ‘wrong’ for you.  Better yet, maybe we can all think such disagreement is alright and what makes the world go around.

Diversity is a good thing when each diverse element respects all of the other elements.  The problem arises when one element wants to have freedom they want taken away from other elements.  To which element do you belong?  What does that say about you?

Life is short… Find your smile, and place a smile on everyone you can.

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